Monday, 18 June 2018


Hello guys!

I hope you had a great year, now it's time to have a long break. Relax and chill in the swimming pool or beach, spend time with your loved ones and play play and play!

If you want to keep in touch with English these are the options I recommend you.

1) Read a lot: you have lots of English book in the public library. Also you have in this blog lots of reading options.

My favourite "oxford owl", you hace the instructions to register in the reading tab.

2) Listen to music, watch television, movies and cartoons in English. Here you hace some listening activities to keep up with your English.


3) If you want to practice some grammar and vocabulary here I let you some activity books from an English Blog. You can download them and print them, they are FREE.


Other options that you can BUY:

Richmond Santillana

  • ISBN: 9788466823012
ISBN: 9788466822978

  • ISBN: 9788466822992

4) You can write a summer diary and show it to the class when you are back. Also there is a SPELLING tab i nthe blog with lots of games to practice writing.

The last but not the least... ENJOY AND HAVE FUN!



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